Steph Ritenour

Director of Programs


pronouns: she, her, hers

Steph works with our team of advocates and community partners to improve access to services for safety, justice and healing. Steph believes that violence in our community is not inevitable and our work must be led by survivors and marginalized persons. She is grateful to serve on the Board of the Violence Free Minnesota and recently completed an 18-month course through Praxis International’s Advocacy Learning Center.

Steph has 15 years of Deaf services experience and holds an individualized Bachelor’s degree in Addiction Studies and Complementary Healing from the University of Minnesota. In her down time, Steph enjoys playing with her vizsla Lincoln and spending hours with her husband and children on and around Minnesota’s 11,842 lakes.

Young child child Steph and dog

Steph: “I was identified as deaf at  4 1/2; I began learning sign language about a year later when I was enrolled in a Deaf education program that had a strong Deaf/HH mainstreamed program. I believe working in an environment that uses ASL as its primary form of communication has been essential to my capacity to stay mentally healthy and grow as an employee, leader, and good person.”

Photo is of very young pigtailed Steph, she is smiling goofily, waving, one arm around a black lab who has a white purse around its neck.