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Advocacy Services

Find & Create Safe Spaces

Life can be challenging. Everyone needs a support system or safe space to just be themselves. We are here to support you in defining what a safe space means for you and finding what you need to get there.

ThinkSelf is Here For You:

Attend or request a workshop or training

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Work with a ThinkSelf advocate

Get support with court and law enforcement

Protective orders, reporting, CPS, custody, divorce

Learn about resources available and get referrals

Access services for housing and basic needs

Assistance applying for benefits & housing services

Plan for improved finances

ThinkSelf Advocates

ThinkSelf advocates are fluent in sign language and knowledgable about intersectional identities within our diverse community. We partner with Day One of Cornerstone to ensure access to high-quality services and resources.


651-829-9089 (videophone)

Advocates’ schedules are flexible to meet your needs. Our VP hotline is monitored 8am-5pm weekdays.

No answer? Please leave a message with the safest way to contact you; an advocate will be in touch as soon as possible.

MN Day One Crisis Line

Day One is a statewide network of services for domestic and sexual violence, general crime, human trafficking and sexual exploitation. It is run by hearing people who have been trained by ThinkSelf to meet D/DB/HH needs.

The Day One statewide crisis line is monitored 24 hours a day.

1-866-223-1111 (voice)

612-399-9995 (text/SMS)

Dial or text 911 if you need safety now!

Learn more about Minnesota’s Text to 911 at [external link]: dps.mn.gov/divisions/ecn/programs/911/Pages/text-to-911

What can an advocate do for me?

Advocates can talk with you about any concerns you have for your safety or about your relationships with friends, family or partners. We can also support you if you have experienced a crime like robbery, harassment or identity theft.

If you are a concerned friend, family member or witness to abuse or a crime, we can guide you in finding information and resources, as well as ideas for how to support your loved one.

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ThinkSelf advocates understand that violence and abuse has many impacts on a person’s life – financial, emotional, housing and more.

We work with you to find resources, improve your financial situation through job preparation and applying for benefits, search for housing, and discovering ways to cope and heal.

We honor your journey and always believe in your strength and resilience.

Collaboration & community engagement is at the heart of our work.

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Community Engagement

Monthly workshops and special events are offered to grow awareness, increase community accountability and foster healing and resilience. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information.

Professional Training and Partnership

Our program works closely with programs around the metro and beyond to ensure access to trauma-informed services and resources for DDBHH survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and crime. Interested in partnering with us or receiving a training? Fill out the request or email hello@thinkself.org.