Leng Yang




pronouns: he, him, his

Leng, headshot
Leng smiles while standing in front of a colorful mural showing a Hmong woman in traditional clothing carrying a baby on her back.

Leng is an advocate who works with our learners on their daily life skills. He teaches and guides them in how to develop their self-skills: self-confidence, independence, and a sense of responsibility. He believes in empowerment and positive reinforcements to gain self-esteem and self-advocacy. That is important, because they need to be prepared to face challenges in real world situations. 

Leng obtained an Associate’s degree in Information Technology (IT) major at Hennepin Technical College. He worked in the IT field for a year. He also has experience as a job coach supporting deaf and hard-of-hearing clients in developing job skills and finding and retaining a job, as well as ensuring communication access in the workplace. In addition to his work at ThinkSelf, Leng also works as a Deaf Mentor in Deaf Mentor Family program of Lutheran Social Service, where he mentors hearing families with a deaf child. His interests/hobbies include playing video games, listening to music, socializing with new/old faces, and shooting photos/videos.

Leng as a toddler

Leng: “I was born Deaf/Hard of Hearing due to prematurity; I began learning ASL while in a mainstreamed Deaf/Hard of Hearing program when I was 5 years old. ASL is important to me because I am capable of communicating with Deaf people by using visual receptive skills. My ASL journey taught me that the Deaf world is rooted into my heart. It makes me proud of who I am today.”

Photo is of Leng as a toddler; he is sitting on a playground animal, smiling at the camera. Cars and a fence are visible behind. 

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