Christine Adams



pronouns: she, her, hers

Action photo of Christine on VP.
Christine chatting on VP while seated at her desk; ThinkSelf signage, screens, and office equipment is visible.

Christine is an advocate who works with people in the Deaf, DeafBlind and hard of hearing community.  Safety is important to Christine; she works to ensure people in the community get full access to resources and services. She reminds the people she works with that they are not alone and she will do everything she can to make sure people are safe.

Christine believes that no one should be doing this alone and this is what she believes is most helpful in empowering people to advocate for themselves – but always with the support they need.

Christine has had many different experiences in various fields over many years; she began her employment journey in group homes and at a Deaf school as dorm staff. Christine worked at Minnesota Employment Center for over 9 years as an employment specialist focusing on help people find fulfilling jobs in the community. Christine continues to work part-time at Fairview-Riverside hospital as a Drug Unit Assistant supporting deaf/hard of hearing people from all over the United States in recovering from chemical dependency.

Christine graduated from Gallaudet University with Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

In her free time, Christine engages in self-care daily by running and also enjoys fostering dogs from a rescue program that is close to her heart.  She also loves to cook and spend her free time with her family, 2 dogs and 2 cats. 

Christine and Brother

Christine: “My parents learned I was deaf at age 1½; they sent me to the University of Iowa for tests when I did not respond to their voices. My mother was pregnant with my younger brother at the time, who later was tested and identified as deaf at 2 weeks of age. The two of us were enrolled in a deaf Early Childhood Education program and began using Signed Exact English. I did not learn ASL until I went to Gallaudet University.”

Photo is of Christine and her brother as toddlers; they are wearing straps holding hearing aids while sitting on a rock outdoors, tree in background.