Five Year Narrative

Five-Year Narrative

SECTION ONE: Program Overview

SECTION TWO: Program and Student Accountability

B – Student Orientation and Intake Policy

C – Assessment Policy

D – Student Attendance Policy

E – Student Attendance Contract

F – Sample Student Attendance Sheet

G.1 – Tennessen

G.2 – Student Intake Form

G.3 – Learner Writing Sample

H – Personal Education Plan

H.2 – Learner Progress Plan Agreement

I – Volunteer Orientation and Training Plan

SECTION THREE:  Staff and Professional Development

J- Consortium Professional Development Plan

K – Administrative Staff PD Plan

L – Support Staff PD Plan

M – Instructional Staff PD Plan

SECTION FOUR:  Instructional Program Description

N – Course Descriptions

SECTION FIVE:  Program Governance and Coordination

O.1 – MOU with Minneapolis Public Schools

O.2 – MOU with Metro South

O.3 – MOU with Hillside ABE

O.4 – MOU with Faribault ABE

O.5 – MOU with PANDA

SECTION SIX:  Program Partnerships and Collaboration

P – MOU with local Workforce Center – Not Applicable to thinkself Deaf ABE

Q – Workforce Investment Board members – Not Applicable to thinkself Deaf ABE

R – Current regional plan for Transitions Aid – Not Applicable to thinkself Deaf ABE

SECTION SEVEN:  Technology and Distance Learning Plan

S – Five-Year Technology Plan

SECTION EIGHT:  Future Plans and Issues

T – Program Future Plan

SECTION NINE:  Annual Consortium Grant Application

U – Annual ABE Grant Application

V – NRS Table 4

W – Current Grant Assurances