Lisa D. Wilding


Lisa assists students who are working to improve skills in ASL, English, math, and literacy. Her belief in her students’ capacity to achieve their goals has motivated her work in the field of education since 1992.

Lisa has worked around the country including as a Deaf Mentor in Arizona, substitute teaching at Texas School for the Deaf, Idaho School for the Deaf and Arizona School for the Deaf before teaching full time a New Mexico School for the Deaf where she taught ASL, Science, Consumer Math, Health/Sexual Education, Driving Education, & transition class for 12 years.

A licensed Deaf Education teacher,  Lisa holds a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education from Gallaudet University (1993) and a Masters Degree in Deaf Education from Idaho State University (2003). Lisa also completed Star School training. 

In her free time, Lisa loves traveling including camping. She loves to explore and learns new things in nature along with doing crafts and quilting. Lisa believes these activities help her develop an awarenesses of how new interests develop and can pass this onto her students give them the support they need to learn – giving and sharing are the best tools in the teaching field.

Lisa’s motto is: “What do you want to see a 5 year old student become in 50 years? Is it about you or your student?”

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