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Education Services

For work, citizenship, college & life: It’s up to you!

Our main goal is to ensure you have access to language and communication wherever you go, whether that is through an ASL interpreter or communicating through texts, emails, or captions.

While attending classes at ThinkSelf you can improve your vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills – in ASL and English.

Tutoring and Resume-Building

Nowadays, communication at work is mainly through reading and writing – emails, texts, memos, etc. Navigating this English-centered world can be difficult and exhausting. ThinkSelf staff can work with you so you feel more prepared and confident at work or college!
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College Tutoring

College is challenging, but you deserve support that helps you achieve your goals and succeed. Accessible tutoring and support for college students are available through in-person and video instruction. All instructors and tutors are fluent in ASL, allowing for direct communication, without the need of an interpreter.

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Language for Work

ThinkSelf staff can work with you to better understand the language specifically used at your jobsite, and provide instruction to improve your skills in order to get that raise or promotion you’re going for!

Discover Career Pathways

Not sure what you want to do? Worried you don’t have the right qualifications? Our Learner Advocates will support you in finding a career that works for you, and guide you towards the courses and certifications you need to succeed. Our Learner Advocates can help you figure out what’s next!

Trainings Offered by ThinkSelf

ThinkSelf offers the following courses that lead towards certification:

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Northstar Digital Literacy

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Driver's Education

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